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Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation of Mesquite focuses on complete physical rehabilitation.  This is why Active Therapy  is a big part of our office.  Medical literature and research has shown significant benefits to healing time and complete injury resolution success with Active Therapy.  Nevertheless, we find it as a necessary step to completing full rehabilitation.  


Our objective in Active Therapy is to add strength to weakened ligaments and muscles to stabilize the structural integrity of the spine.  After injuries these important components of the puzzle lose their strength and elasticity.  As a consequence, the spine loses its foundation and the process of degeneration and arthritis will begin its course.


Active Therapy also provides pain relief by activating the large diameter fibers of the nervous system.   This is an intrical part in masking the small diameter pain fibers that send pain messages to the brain.  Considering this combination, it is the reason why active therapy is a win-win rehabilitation technique.  


Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. is vigorously trained in therapeutic exercise and structural muscle development because our goal is not to only subside and take away your pain, but to make sure the future of your health is not at risk from an injury that was suffered in the past.



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