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Mesquite Spinal Decompression Treatment Center serving Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett.  Spinal Decompression therapy is specifically formulated for disc related injuries and chronic degeneration of the spine.  Included in the Spinal Wellness Membership Plan, residents of Garland, Mesquite, Rowlett and Rockwall can improve overall disc health affordably.  FDA approved, the use of Non-evasive Spinal Decompression Therapy for the lumbar and cervical spine shows significant improvement in spinal health. 

Intervertebral disc are especially vulnerable in the wear and tear of every day life.  Pinpoint areas specifically in the lower lumbar spine and lower segments of the neck can take undue stress.  Activites such as sitting improperly, chronic lifting at work, to the weekend warrior could all benefit from spinal decompression therapy.   


Take good care of yourself with Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. and Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation, Your Mesquite Wellness Center.  Offering affordable wellness plans to reverse the aging process.  


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