What to Expect

Your first visit will require some time to complete the appropriate forms.  Be prepared for a first visit of around an hour unless you can expedite the process by completing the forms before coming in to your appointment.  Located below is the forms needed to do that, and can be printed out at any computer.  If you are unable to, please arrive 30 minutes early to your scheduled patient consultation so we can better serve you.   


Consultation and Examination 

During your consultation, Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. will ask the pertinent questions regarding your injury at work.   Making sure the description of your injury is fully understood, he will ask questions they seem unrelated.  But rest asure, his thorough consultation will help you understand the worker's injury compensation process and necessary steps that need to be taken to get the healthcare you need.


After your consultation, Dr. Pennell will then perform a thorough examination to assess your condition.   Radiographic imaging may or may not be required following the examination pending his analysis.  However, Dr. Pennell will request that you come in the following day to go over your results.


During your follow-up visit, an extensive report of findings will be performed showing you the results of your examination and (or) X-rays.  Dr. Pennell will explain thoroughly the necessary care required to get you back to full health.  This is when he will be able to inform you if we can help you with a course of treatment and to fully accept your case.  However, the course of treatment will commence pending the claims adjuster approval of the case and the treatment recommendations that Dr. Pennell set forth.  If the claim is still under the investigative or treatment approval process, we will schedule a follow-up visit and guide you through each and every step to make sure you will get the healthcare needed to get you back to work fully rehabilitated.


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Preliminary Work Injury Form

Work Injury Form
To expedite your first visit wait time to consult with the doctor, please complete the following forms prior to your visit.
Preliminary Work Injury Forms.pdf
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DISCLAIMER: This site does not constitute a doctor patient relationship, and is not to be confused with medical advice.  All injuries are unique, and the doctor must examine the patient before recommendations can be made.