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Knowing your rights after a work injury and taking the appropriate steps in processing your claim is essential to making sure your treatment is taken care of completely.   Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation is dedicated to answering any of your questions regarding your work injury and will assist you in opening a claim properly.
 Work Injury Adjusters are there to help you, but often times the process of worker's compensation can be very slow. Thus leaving you hurt, without answers, and without compensable pay for missed work.   However, rest assure that Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation will do everything it can to make sure your treatment is taken care of efficiently and adequately. 
Unfortunately, from time to time a work injury claim can be denied for a multitude of reasons.  It is important to know that an attorney could be needed if you feel that you are not liable for your work injury.  An attorney can consult with you about your case and the rights you have.  But more importantly, inform you of the validity of your case and the options you have.  Make certain you are aware of your rights to be seen by a doctor of your choice for the treatment you need. This is a important part to avoiding the run around from the work claims adjuster and the designated doctor they will offer to please their needs and not your own.  
 Please bring your work claim information to us and we will gladly help you with your case.  Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. will explain the process at hand and walk you through each and every step for we are happy to serve you in this time of need. 


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