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Auto Accident Rehabilitation

Auto Accidents can have a deterimental effect on your health. Quality Physical Rehabilitation is key in avoiding a chronic condition that many overlook.  We will treat your pain, however we will also address your healing which is just as important.

Back Pain 

Symptoms of back pain usually orginate from the spine.  A thorough evaluation can determine if spinal dysfunction is present.  We can address your back pain comprehensively and non-evasively.   

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition and can be accompanied with tension headaches.  This ailment can be associated with postural changes of the cervical spine which can be addressed with structural rehabilitation and conservative therapy. 

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Mesquite Auto Accident Doctor Providing Injury Treatment Relief for Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett

Mesquite Auto Accident Injury Doctor serving the Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett Area.  Providing injury treatment relief from an auto accident or work injury.


With a qualifying Auto Accident or Work Injury Claim in Mesquite, Garland, Rockwall, Rowlett and surrounding area, our expert team will gladly accept your case at no upfront cost to you.  We will file your claim and wait for payment from the insurance company, so you can get the healthcare you need now.


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A Receptionist is Available

24 hours - 7 days a week

Auto Accident Care

One event can turn your life upside down.  It can set you back physically, financially, and even emotionally.   Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation is the pain treatment clinic to serve you in every need for we realize the many obstacles that you can face. 


Please refer to the top ledger and familiarize yourself with the steps and rights you have following an accident.  It is critical that you take the appropriate measures in processing your injury claim.   Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation is knowledgeable with the current regulations and rights you have following an accident and can make sure you are taking the correct strides to get the care you need.  To make it easier in your time of distress, bring your claim information with you to our facility so we can better serve you.  


Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. will accept your case without any upfront cost to you.  This is in cooperation with third party insurances.  We can directly bill the 3rd party insurance or your own auto insurance.   We can also guide you to options you may not be aware of to take care of all your auto accident healthcare needs.

Back and Neck Pain Answers

Back Pain is a common occurance, affecting nearly 1 and 3 people throughout a lifetime.  Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation specializes in back pain treatment.  We are equipped to address the specific problem that is causing your pain.  Considering the prevalence of back pain, it can be complex figuring out the source.  Our prime objective will be to first properly diagnose the cause which will allow us to address the pain strategically & non-evasively.

Neck Pain is also increasingly becoming one of the most common ailments in the population today.   It is often acompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, numbness and tingling down the arms, and irritability.   Addressing neck pain is first recognizing the root causes such as postural alterations and the patient's past injury history.  Learn more about the conditions we treat at Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation.

Work Injury Help


A injury at work can be very frightening to the person injured.   The many questions that can go through your mind after such an unfortunate event can be troublesome.  Will I lose my job?  How will I pay for my bills?  Will I be able to get better and get back to work?  It can be overwhelming and leave you suffering without relief and answers.


Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation specializes in work injuries and we are experienced in guiding you through the process required to get you taken care of physically and financially.  

Our Mission

Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation is in cooperation with primary care providers, specialists, and therapists in the surrounding area to support and to provide exceptional physical medicine for our patients.    


We are established to work within the human frame with the purpose to make certain the nervous system is functioning optimally provided by and through chiropractic care, physiotherapy and nutrition.  


Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation's lifelong goal is assuring the patient is getting the upmost in specialized healthcare through our facility and leave feeling they have received quality and the most effective healthcare possible.

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A receptionist is available 

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