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Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Parker University Graduate

State Licensed in Texas

Board Certified by NBCE

Car Accident Doctor



Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. wants to welcome you to Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation.  Quality not quantity is his number one goal at Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation.  Quality healthcare in the auto accident injury industry is a rarity and he would like to change that by offering exceptional treatment services and individualized one-on-one healthcare that is beyond just "get in and get out".  Dr. Pennell will be spending quality face to face time with you or your loved one to discuss the injuries and what treatments will be best to not only alleivate the symptoms, but to also make sure healing is occurring correctly to avoid any long term adverse effects from your motor vehicle accident.


Dr. Pennell has a comprehensive history into serious injuries.   He began his education in understanding the root cause of whiplash injury.


Dr. Pennell has dedicated his career to trauma care specifically motor vehicle injuries.  Serious injury such as a automobile accident can alter the spine in numerous ways.  Acutely, it can effect work and can cause lost wages.  Chronically, it can stop you from working indefinitely.  To seek medical care is something more to Dr. Pennell, and he would like patients to understand the rhyme and reason of why healthcare after the accident is so important.  Medical attention must be geared toward structural changes in the spine and not just pain to avoid long-term adverse effects.  Our consultation will help you understand the differences between minor collisions to major and the associated risks you are taking without proper care in a car wreck.


Dr. Pennell has an extensive background in accident injuries, medical treatment, and whiplash injury.  He has served and practiced many years with multi-disciplinary medical facilities in the North Texas and West Texas area.  His multi-disciplinary approach to accident and work injury healthcare has proven most effective.  Today, he works closely with medical professionals, and medical specialists in the Dallas/Ft Worth area as the referral source in helping their patients get the structural healthcare they need following an accident or work injury.   


Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. looks forward to meeting and serving you at Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation.  Regardless if you are at fault in an accident or a car accident victim, we will be working on your accident claim directly to make sure medical bills and medical expenses are at no upfront cost to you or your loved one.  We look forward to working with you as soon as possible due to the time limit constraints such as the Statute of Limitations. We will be sure to schedule you right away to begin rehabilitation and processing your car crash injury claim immediately so you receive a fair settlement.   



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