Mesquite Auto Accident Seat Belt Injuries and Proper Treatment

Accident injuries from a seat belt are common. Seat belts can be a life saver, but with current technology and support of convenience they are flawed.  When observing large masses such as cars colliding, energy will transfer with tremendous force to the spine.  Especially when latched in by only one shoulder, forces can be placed on areas of your back, neck and depending on which side your sitting on directly on a shoulder.


Common Auto Accident Seat Belt Rash

Observations are clear especially in examining the lower back after an auto accident.  Specifically in rear-end collisions, the severe quick jerking turn of one's back can occur at high velocity due to the lack of two shoulder straps.  When this occurs to the spine, it can rupture a disc and also cause severe damage to a shoulder. 


Seat belts are important and necessary in avoiding ejection accidents.  In so, this technology does save many lives.  Nevertheless, after an accident it is important to get evaluated and treated thoroughly from an accident doctor who specializes in high velocity trauma.  Structural alignment and healing properly after an accident is important to avoid any future complications such arthritis or chronic back pain.  These common consequences are often associated with improper healing after physical trauma.  This is why a thorough evaluation is necessary.


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