Auto Accident Injury Rules, Regulations, and Rights Following a Car Wreck

Auto Insurance companies are profitable due to the fact that state law requires everyone to carry at least liability insurance coverage for a car accident. However, in cases when an auto accident does occur, often times the insurance adjuster and insurance company can be intimidating and uncooperative during the most critical phases of medical treatment or when medical bills need to be paid.  If this is so, one should consult with a injury attorney to mediate the stresses that can become overwhelming.  Stress and anxiety can delay healing from your injuries and in so, the doctor recommends that you forego the aggreviation of the injury claim and seek counsel because your health is more important.  We have options here at Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation available if you need a referral to a personal injury attorney.   Do not allow the reckless driver get away from the economic damages, lost wages, and punitive damages you may have suffered without getting everything back in order. 


The Personal injury claim with the third party insurance and the adjuster can be difficult, especially when they know they will be responsible for your medical attention.  DO NOT FALL PREY to these tactics for they are trained and rewarded for the money they can save their multi-billion dollar companies despite leaving the deserving accident victim without treatment and compensation for their serious injury and property damage.  Let Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation help you to settle some of your fears for we are keenly aware of your rights, the Statute of Limitations and what can be done for a fair settlement.  Insurance coverages such as underinsured motorist, uninsured motorist, and comparative negligence are important aspects of coverages you might not be aware of.  Injury cases do not have to be difficult to understand as we will explain everything you need to know. 


Knowing your legal rights as a motor vehicle accident victim also includes knowing what options you have from your own car insurance company.  Many patients do not realize that their own auto insurance carries PIP coverage.  This additional insurance also known as Personal Injury Protection is routinely standard in automobile insurance policies.  The purpose of this supplementary injury claim is for treatment purposes for serious injuries after an auto accident regardless who is at fault or who is negligent.  Nevertheless, if left unused, it will steadily take from your pocket book year after year without being beneficial.




In other words if you don't use it, you lose it...


Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation will accept your accident case without the need of upfront payment for your medical expenses with a valid accident claim.  We can work directly with 3rd party insurance or with an injury law firm or attorney of your choice.  This is in cooperation with third party insurances.  After an accident, we understand the common pitfalls one can run into in the process of getting well.  Please rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you.


Preliminary Auto Accident Injury Form

Preliminary Auto Accident Forms
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