Mesquite Accident Advice following an injury suffered from an auto accident

Get a Police Report for your protection

In Mesquite, Forney, Terrell and Garland, accident advice from your doctor is important.  First step to take after an auto accident is to make sure everyone is stable and no one needs a emergency care doctor.  If no one is in need, it is important to contact the proper authorities to make a police report.  Unfortunately, the world is not as honest as we would like it to be, so it imperative to take this step appropriately.  The 3rd party (At Fault Person) can often change the story of the collision or even completely deny any involvement in the auto accident due to the lack of evidence.  


This important report will prevent any misunderstandings with the insurance company later when discussing it with the adjuster.  If a report is not made, make sure you get all of the 3rd party's information including a picture of the collision.  


Call the insurance company immediately

Next, you must call your insurance company and inform them of your accident.  Explain to them who was at fault and if you were hurt.  Next, it is important that you contact the 3rd party's insurance and also inform them of your accident with their client including what injuries you may have sustained.  The insurance adjuster will then issue you a claim number to go to the doctor of your choice to get examined.  Only a few offices accept auto accident injury cases for they are time consuming and often unaware of how to address your condition thoroughly.


However, Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. specializes in injuries of this nature and will gladly accept your case.  We will consult with you and perform a thorough examination to expedite any concerns you may have following your auto accident.  With a proper claim number from your insurance adjuster, we can take care of all your healthcare needs with no upfront cost necessary.  Nevertheless, it is imperative that you perform these steps diligently.  We don't want you to be held liable for anything that you were not at fault for.  Please call us if there are any questions, we will gladly help you in anyway we can.


Preliminary Auto Accident Injury Form

Preliminary Auto Accident Form
To expedite your first visit wait time to consult with the doctor, please complete the following forms prior to your visit. *** Not all forms are included in this packet (Signatures will be required upon arrival)***
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