Personal Injury Protection Insurance Benefits and Rights you have following an Auto Accident 

Personal Injury Protection insurance is a beneficial supplementary health insurance designed to allow you get the auto accident injury care you need when at fault or even when not at fault in a car wreck.  It covers medical expenses, lost wages, funeral cost, and even any outstanding medical bills you may have.  It can also be used during uninsured motorist accidents to car crashes that involve a negligent party.  The variety of ways this auto insurance coverage can be used are many and here are some examples: 


  • No fault 
  • At fault 
  • Underinsured
  • Uninsured
  • Hit and Run
  • Crime Victim
  • Hit by a car injury 
  • Fall out of your car injury 
  • Lifting injury from your car
  • Accident as a passenger of another vehicle 


Being in a car accident can be stressful and in so it is important to prepare yourself in case a car wreck does occur.  This includes purchasing the right auto insurance policy.  In the State of Texas, everyone believes that the bodily injury liability portion of a policy covers the driver at fault, however IT DOES NOT!  It is critical to understand that the liability coverage ONLY protects the party that was hit and any other passengers you may have in the vehicle.  At fault drivers can only be covered by Personal Injury Protection or PIP for short medically.   When speaking to your insurance agent make sure you are protecting yourself as a driver by buying PIP coverage because accidents do happen and you want to make sure your health is protected.       


Learn more about Personal Injury Protection below:


Personal Injury Protection is a supplemental insurance included in auto insurance premiums.  This handy insurance is often overlooked by the insured and frequently left unused during the most needed moments.  Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. want to make sure your accident treatment is never diminished due to the lack of funds that should be there when needed most from your insurance company.  


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is only useful in moments such as accidents.  If left unused it continues to take away from your premium costs without being beneficial.   Its sole purpose is to be utilized for accident treatment when you are injured in any such case even if you are at fault or if you are not.  One valuable reality, is the federal government has placed into law that insurance companies may not raise your rates solely on the use of Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  Therefore, making it illegal for insurance companies to raise your rates.  You can probably understand now why such perks are kept hidden and left unannounced from your insurer.


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