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Mesquite Headache doctor providing non-evasive care to relieve migraines and pain for Garland, Rockwall, and Rowlett.  Headache Sufferers are quite common today with nearly 60-75 percent of all Americans suffering from this condition at least once a week.  Our Mesquite Headache doctor can see if an non-evasive approach will be best to relieve migraines and pain in Garland, Rockwall, and Rowlett.


Research has shown that nearly 90-92 percent of all headaches are related to a musculoskeletal condition.  Either due to a past injury, poor posture, or misalignments of the spine.  The most common way clinicians address headaches are through the use of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) or ibuprofen.  Although, a pain reliever may diminish the symptoms of a headache, it does not address the cause of pain.  Complete dependance to aspirin or ibuprofen each and every day to mediate symptoms can hold many side effects such as kidney failure, stomach ulcers, and liver failure.


Cervical Nerves Do Supply the Head

Understanding that symptoms are a natural warning system in cautioning one that something may be physiologically wrong is key.  Medicating or hindering symptoms from being observed is not an answer.  One must address it directly or it may have future health implications.    


Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation of Mesquite and Dr. Daniel L. Pennell, D.C. want you to understand that addressing the root cause of your headache is our primary goal.  When properly addressing the cause of your conditon, we can help with the constant pain and provide valuable relief.


Through the use of chiropractic care and physiotherapy, it has a proven track record of success through scientific research.  Try Texas Spine and Joint Rehabilitation of Mequite if ever a nagging headache keeps returning.  It may be a sign that your headache may be more than just stress or lack of sleep, but something more severe.

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