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Mesquite Disc Bulge Doctor providing back pain relief for Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett.  A disc bulge is slightly different from a herniation. The main difference is within the disc and the outer shell and if the material within has protruded through.   A bulge is specifically inflammation of the outer shell without the rupture of the inner material.  Considering both, in most cases is more manageable in pain levels than a herniation due to various reasons.  Our Mesquite Disc Bulge Doctor can see if an non-evasive approach is more suitable for your back pain in Garland, Rockwall and Rowlett.


Common Symptoms of Disc Bulge  


- Back Pain or Neck Pain

- Radiating pain or numbness and tingling

- Pin and Needles sensations in the extremities

- Headaches

- Range of Motion Deficiencies


Symptoms can be bothersome with a injury such as a disc bulge, however it is most important that the structure of the spine heals correctly to avoid any excess scar tissue. Scar tissue or arthritis around the disc can be problematic in the future which can create a chronic impingement known as spinal stenosis. It is imperative that rehabilitation begin immediately following any symptoms of a disc bulge to avoid any improper healing that may occur around the nerve hole or foramen.


Treatment such as chiropractic care and physical therapy are non-evasive ways to make sure the healing process is correctly done.  Healing as such will begin immediately after injury regardless of treatment, however the importance of treatment is not to stimulate healing but to make sure healing is happening correctly. 

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