Mesquite Whiplash Injury Doctor for Auto Accidents in Garland

Mesquite Whiplash doctor providing injury treatment relief after an auto accident for Garland residents.  Whiplash can be extremely traumatic to the neck.  Velocity forces that range from a 5 miles per hour accident to 70 miles per hour accident have shown to have the same effect to the spine.  Injury as such can create a multitude of symptoms from typical neck pain to radiating arm pain, and numbness to tingling.  Our Mesquite Whiplash Injury Doctor will see if an non-evasive treatment approach is best to relieve your pain in Garland


Accidents can cause enough damage to even affect important ligaments and critical supporting structures such as discs.  Common symptoms can include mild headaches to even migraine like symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and light sensitivity. Mesquite auto accident whiplash can include brain related symptoms such as post concussion syndrome, a common additional diagnosis.


Structural Damage after an Auto Accident

Long-term complications from whiplash injuries after an auto accident can be considerable.  Chronic neck pain and chronic symptoms can be a consequence, however there are ways to address this condition successfully.  One important factor is addressing the structural integrity of the spine specifically with chiropractic care and then progressing to strengthen weakened ligaments with active therapy.  These critical stages of care focuses on properly aligning the spine as healing occurs.  The natural healing process will occur without proper treatment, nevertheless improper healing can be a consequence creating a multitude of chronic conditions years later.  This is why it is imperiative care begin immediately after an auto accident because the stages of healing are already in process. 


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